Thursday, February 7, 2013

Gloria in Excelsis Deo

Well it has now been three months since I decided to not CLOSE my blog "Darkness draws closer..." and start on a new, revamped, renamed "Gloria in Excelsis Deo" which is Latin, the English translation being "Glory to God in the highest".

I may still utilise this blog which is one reason I didn't delete it. The other few reasons is because it is my digital footprint, I can see where I was at different times of years - and different years - by looking at the blog of the past.

The main reason behind my change in blogs is because I wanted one that was more exclusively Catholic, while another one that is still Catholic, but more a "bad-boy" style; drug-addictions, fast-living - nomadic, somewhat gypsy living at times - and I understand that some posts I may still wish to write may offend some of my more conservative viewers, which many are who view the new blog.

Give me time and I shall start blogging here again, perhaps a graphical change of style, perhaps not, only time will tell!

I look forward to comments and constructive-criticism from my readers as I continue to post my more dark and maccabre side of lifestyle here on "Darkness draws closer..."

Peace and GBU!
Davie aka: Raven.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012


I've been posting (on and off) to this blog for a few years now... time for an update - including a name change - so instead of getting rid of this blog all together, I'm going to simply cease posting on this blog and create a new one... keep your eyes out for a following post to tell you the URL for my new blog once it is created.

Thanks for reading and your support over the years and I hope you will follow me to my fresh, new blog!


Saturday, May 28, 2011

Sunday Snippets: A Catholic Carnival #18

Sunday Snippets for the weeks of Sunday May 22 to Saturday May 28.
Until next week, GBU!

To abort or not to abort, that is the question.

Given the recent news in the local media regarding the peaceful-protests at the Albury "Fertility Control Clinic", which the media have painted in a total wrong light, I thought I might write my own piece on the topic.

I have not always been a "pro-lifer". In fact, when I was in my late-teens, thinking that I was educated enough to form my own opinion on abortion, I was pro-choice. A womans body is her business, and if she doesn't want something growing inside of her, she has every right to have it removed, right? Wrong!

Almost anyone you ask will have a stance on abortion - either for or against - but it is not often you will find someone who doesn't care either way. The problem with this however is that unless people undertake their own research, abortion remains a pretty vague topic.

No one tells you how an abortion is carried out. More or less, a picture is painted of a Doctor simply "removing" something, not killing a human life. How can killing ever be just?

There is a scary culture rife among those in Gen-Y particularly who see abortion merely as another means of contraception as though you can rely on abortions if you forget, or simply can't be bothered, to use a condom or take the pill. Young women don't grasp the serious nature of abortion and the impacts it has on their emotional and physical health. Some think that it is such a simple process, comparable to putting on a condom, that you can book in for an abortion every couple of months to have the unwanted foetus removed.

Those are of course all terms used by pro-choice campaigners to not show off the dark side of abortion. For starters, the "unwanted foetus" is actually a human being in its earliest, and most vulnerable, part of life, and it is never simply "removed" - it is killed. Murdered.

If you were to find out that your parents wanted to abort you, how much more would you value your life? How much more would you be against abortion, for if you were aborted, you wouldn't be reading this, you wouldn't have the life you live - you would not exist. This goes against nature, for human life begins at the time of conception.

Is a cake still a cake when it isn't yet cooked? Well, not exactly a cake, but the early stages of one - it has the key ingredients which when put together harmoniously, a cake is "born" from the oven. Cakes don't just "appear", they need to be made, and that never happens by some bizarre mistake, for if you put in too much or not enough flour, it won't work.

A human is not just a mistake, but a work of art - God's art - the basic ingredients being two human beings - one male, one female - and a handful of different human fluids, combined together the right way. If you leave the egg out of the cake, it won't work, so too if there is no egg in the female human, the future human life won't work.

But if you're not religious, or don't believe in God at all, then who cares what the views of a bunch of believers is! But you must care, because though you may not be of the same view that human life begins at conception, it is still a fact. Just like you may reject the notion of gravity, doesn't mean the laws do not apply to you because you don't believe in it. The entire world would collapse!

Society, too, will collapse if everyone were to stop believing in God and doing what they see to be best. "I can't support another child" is one of many reasons people use to justify having an abortion. Well, I don't like the look of your face, does that mean I can kill you? No, that is quite absurd!
"That man killed an innocent person, so let's kill him!" but have you never heard the saying "two wrongs don't make a right"? Who are we to decide who is to live, who is to die? That goes from the youngest people - those growing inside their mothers - through to the oldest living person, and every variation in between - murderers and good decent people. Every life is unique, every human is unique, and only God has the right to choose how and when we die.

As time wears on, people will be educated even less about abortion, that eventually the world will get itself into a terrible state where parents can kill their unborn child just because they are the wrong gender or have the wrong shade of hair. It could get scarier yet, governments could choose who will live and who will not even get that chance, and those who do get to live will be genetically engineered.

Prayer for Addicts

Yesterday whilst I was in town I called into St. Pat's to have some quiet prayer time. I picked up a booklet "Someone I Know Has a Drug Problem" by William E. Rabior, ACSW. This is the prayer towards the end of the booklet which I found nice.

St. Maximillian Kolbe, Saint of Auschwitz and patron of drug addicts, pray for us!
Mary our Mother, Blessed Virgin, pray for us!

* * *
You heal hurting hearts and make lives new again.
I do not know what circumstances are causing N. to use drugs.
I only know that I feel more and more concern for him/her.
I pray for a new direction for N.
With the help of Your Grace may s/he choose healing and hope and find freedom from drugs.
I put N. in Your Hands this day, Lord Jesus.
May s/he reach out to You and receive from You all that is needed to become whole again.

Friday, May 27, 2011

The Canberra Declaration: Protecting our Judeo-Christian heritage and rights!

The Canberra Declaration
The Preamble to the Australian Constitution contains the words, "Humbly relying on the blessing of Almighty God”. As Australian citizens we continue to declare that we too put our trust in Almighty God.
For centuries, to speak of Western civilisation was to speak of Christian civilisation. The two were in many ways synonymous. The values that we have cherished and sought to strengthen are in large measure founded on the Judeo-Christian belief system. The many freedoms, advantages, opportunities, values and liberties which characterise the West owe much to the growth of Christianity with its inherent belief in the dignity of the human person as created in the image of God and the code of behaviour that flows from this belief.
The Canberra Declaration follows on from the 2009 Manhattan Declaration and the 2010 Westminster Declaration. It declares that when Christian values are respected and allowed freedom of expression, not just confined to so-called sacred spaces but in the public arena as well, society is richer and healthier.
We wish to emphasise three areas that demand particular attention in our contemporary Australian society, namely religious freedom, marriage and the family, and the sanctity of human life. Were we to undermine any one of these values, the social fabric of our nation would be seriously weakened, to our personal and collective detriment.

Religious Freedom

Religious freedom includes freedom of conscience and freedom of speech. The importance of these freedoms is shown in countries where they are threatened or absent. Police states and totalitarian nations inevitably begin with the curtailment of basic liberties, including religious freedom and the right to speak one’s mind and conscience. This includes the right to change one’s religious beliefs.
We affirm the basic necessity of freedom of conscience, having the liberty to speak publicly about one’s faith and beliefs, and having the right to practise the religion of one’s choice. If these freedoms are removed – even in the name of supposed benefits – the prized values of democracy and liberty are seriously undermined.
In Australia today these freedoms are being restricted by laws which, although appearing positive on first reading, have the potential to lead to unintended and unacceptable consequences. These laws include anti-discrimination legislation, hate crime laws and legislation on religious and sexual vilification – each of which may be interpreted in a way that effectively works as a barrier to religious freedom and freedom of speech.
Thus the signers of this declaration affirm the fundamental right of Australians to religious freedom and freedom of speech, and we oppose legislation which denies such freedoms. We likewise oppose laws subjugating our nation to foreign powers and instrumentalities which restrict these freedoms.

Marriage and Family

Another vital package of values and social benefits is the long-standing institution of the natural family resulting from marriage between a man and a woman – as affirmed by the definition of marriage in the Marriage Act: “…the union of a man and a woman to the exclusion of all others, voluntarily entered into for life”.
No other social institution has done so much good for people and for nations, yet marriage is being undermined, to the detriment of children, individuals, and society itself.
Lifelong marriage between a man and a woman guarantees children their biological birthright to a mother and a father and has a proven track record of providing them with protection, education, welfare, support and nurture. No other arrangement has improved upon the benefits of marriage.
In the face of competing alternatives and moves to redefine marriage, we affirm the importance and social utility of marriage between a man and a woman and the families formed thereby.

Human Life

The third important set of values revolves around the sanctity of human life which is being undermined in much of the Western world, through abortion, euthanasia, and some of the new reproductive technologies.
We believe that all human life, being made in the image of God, has intrinsic and equal value from conception to life’s natural end.
The very heart of a humane and civilised society is based on the way it treats its most vulnerable and innocent members including the unborn and the disabled. We therefore insist on the right of all persons, including those who are vulnerable or dependent, to protection from conception to natural death. We will support, protect, and be advocates for such people, since to do anything less is to weaken our humanity and despise our personhood.
We will not comply with any directive that compels us to participate in or facilitate abortion, embryo-destructive research, assisted suicide, euthanasia, or any other act that involves the intentional taking of innocent human life.


Religious freedom, marriage and family, and the sacredness of human life have provided the foundations enabling Western democratic societies to flourish. We erode these foundations at our peril.
The faith which is at the heart of many of the values and strengths underpinning the Australian nation now compels us to speak up in their defence.
For the future of this nation, and for our children’s future, we call upon all like-minded citizens to support and sign this declaration.

Released Friday 23rd July 2010
Now that you've read the Canberra Declaration,
would you like to sign it?

Tweeted #1

Since expanding my social-media outlets into the Twittersphere, I have decided to make a new weekly addition to my blog for those of you who aren't Twit's like myself LOL.

Following in the same style as my "Sunday Snippets" I now present you my news-tweets!

Julia Youn and Our Lady of Naju, South Korea.